Here are some tips that “supposedly” we will have to take into account if we want to be lucky in games of chance.

* When we enter the place where we are going to place our bet or bets, we must do so with the right foot .

* Intuition , something very important that we must take into account when playing. We should never put it aside …

* We should avoid , as far as possible, playing on Tuesdays and Fridays since according to experts, winners of games of chance are not days of luck. Although I advise you that these are the best days to play!!!

* Superstitious and yellow color equal to incompatibility. Because if you play it is advisable to wear a garment a wrist band or simply a ribbon of yellow .

* If you are clear about the number you are going to buy, NEVER say it out loud since the energies put in can escape and thus luck could disappear.

* Touching a metal object while we are placing the bet or we are playing. It is said that metals are receptors of energies, we better have positive energies that day …

* Deliver the money with which we are going to pay with the left hand they also say that it will bring us good luck since it is the side of the body where our heart is located and it is charged with more positive energy.

* When we go to play they advise us to go alone to the appointment because if we go with other people we can distract our concentration and we can lose the power of our intuition.

* If you want to play on a day when your intuition is in the doldrums , they advise us to resort to the numbers 3,7,9 or 21.

* Carrying a leaf of rue in each shoe will help us increase luck.

* Precious stones and metals also help to significantly increase energies. With what is worth carrying some metal in your hands (a gold ring can do) or a stone (coral, quartz or lapis lazuli are recommended).

* If you are sitting at the moment of placing the bet, do not have your legs or arms crossed . And when sitting down, don’t forget to do it on the right side of the chair .

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